Windows for Cory

photos by Sarah Gillens   

A number of people have followed our home page link to read Suellen's write up of the Windows for Cory project. In that story there is an internet link that used to show pictures of the various windows that were created by various local artists on the 150 year old parsonage windows when they were replaced in 2006. The windows were created as a fundraising event to benefit the Cory Taber Memorial Field behind the church. The auction of the windows raised more than $20,000.

You may recognize the picture above. It hangs in the parsonage. That is another story.

There were 44 windows, 36 of which are shown in the slideshow. Thanks to Sue Kelley for letting me borrow her scapbook of the project. Sue and Russ did not have the winning bid on son Steven's "Covered Bridge with Mt. Ascutney", but Steve painted another one for them!

How many of the Red Sox 2006 team signatures can you decipher?

If you have information about any of the windows or photos of the ones I'm missing, please email the Webmaster.

Click here for a Slideshow of the Windows