PCBC Picture of the Week 12/3/2018


  Emma's Christmas Pearls

Lord, remind me that a baby was born
when a plastic Santa Claus winks at me from atop
the traffic light at Main and Central;
when the piped-in music at the shopping center squawks out
"Oh, come let us adore him,"
followed by a chipmunk singing "Jingle Bells";
when my shopping basket crashes into a display of gift wrap,
cellophane tape, and bows that sport reindeer, snowflakes,
and little drummer boys.

Lord, remind me that a baby was  born
when the Christmas tree, priced too high, is too tall;
when five out of six strings of twinkly lights that worked
fine last year, this year don't;
when hysteria breaks out when a favorite ornament breaks;
when the star at the top of the tree is always crooked.

Lord, remind me that a baby was born
when I don't mail in time;
when the Christmas cards I receive say "Happy Holidays,
Season's Greetings, Peace";
when the cards I send show snowmen, Santa, sleighs, holly,
mistletoe, and a partridge in a pear tree;
when the fruitcake and eggnog and the $5 office gift
take up too much of my time;
when I'm buying but not giving;
when Christmas nostalgia overshadows the nativity;
when Xmas scrawled on the grocery store window
does not bother me.

Lord, remind me that a baby was born
when I see people celebrating the day but not the birth;
when the guest of honor isn't invited to His own birthday party;
when the world's children don't know who the party is for;

so I will take time to say Happy Birthday to a King.

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