Agapé Quilts - "sharing the warmth of God's love one quilt at a time"

The Greek language has 3 words for love: Eros (passionate love), Philia (brotherly love) and Agape (unconditional, sacrificial love - God's love).

The great joys of Christendom include knowing that God loves his creation, that God loves you, and that God has a plan for you to spread his love to others. When she retired, Joy Hutchins, one of our members, found that joy in quilting.

Agapé Quilts is a two prong ministry. Joy makes quilts which she then donates to non-profit organizations such as the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in West Lebanon and Claremont. Other quilts have gone to families in crisis, to fire victims, and to oncology patients, to give a few examples.

Joy also makes quilts and tote bags to sell, and donates all profits to non-profit organizations. The church Renovation Project benefited from her July 4 display at the church and will benefit again from a similar display and sale on the August 12-14 weekend celebrating Plainfield's 250th anniversary. The Claremont Soup Kitchen, Listen, and The Haven are other local agencies that have benefited.

While Joy enjoys making the quilts, she finds more reward in knowing that a quilt has "put some happiness into somebody's life", especially when life has not been treating that somebody well. "Some of the stories are heart-wrenching," but God finds a way to touch that brokenness with his warmth and love, and a bit of healing occurs. 

Joy also crafts custom quilts and tote bags with personalized themes, most often as special gifts for people's loved ones. Again, all profits are donated.

Agapé Quilts can be reached at 603-675-9356 or by EMAIL.

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